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    Lawn Care

    Your lawn is without a doubt going to be one of the most important elements of your garden. After all, it will be taking up the most space out there. It is therefore important that you know just how to engage in good lawn care in order to keep it in pristine condition during those spring and summer months. In this article I am going to take a little look at just what you can do to keep your garden looking great.

    Lawn Care

    Firstly, how often should you mow your lawn? Well, as often as you like. However, you will want to ensure that you cut down a little at a time. This not only keeps it looking trim but keeps weeds at bay which can of course lead to your grass looking absolutely horrendous. During the early part of the year it is advised that you cut your grass once a week, but during the spring and summer months you are most likely going to need to cut twice a week in order to keep it looking great.

    Lawn Feed

    One of the biggest mistakes that people make is using lawn feed during the drier months. This is not suggested as it could actually damage the grass. Therefore hold back on it until you are out of a drought, which seems to be all too common in England.

    How about the weeds? Well, they are all part and parcel of owning a garden. You really should learn that a few weeds are going to be expected on your lawn. However if some of them do need to be removed then using a daisy grabbing tool which will remove them at the roots. If you do not remove them at the roots then it is likely the weed will grow back again.

    Lawn Mowing

    Lawn Mowing

    In addition to your mowing you will also need to trim the edges in order to engage in good lawn care. You don't need too much to do this, in fact, a rotary trimmer or even a pair of edging shears should be more than suffice. One tip I can offer here is to cut against a wooden plank as this will enable you to keep a lovely straight edge. If you want to cut a curve then you will be able to do the same with an old hosepipe.

    If an area that you wish to cut has been damaged then you will be able to cut it out with a spade. Just slice through the turf and remove it. You can then flip the damaged part around so it faces the lawn. You can then sprinkle a bit of grass seed onto the top and it will grow back over time, and that is going to keep the edges of your lawn in good condition.

    Another important element which many people fail to realise when it comes to lawn care is to provide adequate nutrition for their grass. Of course, grass grows naturally but it will never really thrive if you don't use lawn feed on it. In addition to making the grass greener and thicker it also helps to eliminate weeds. Ensure that you purchase the right lawn feed for the time of the year and the grass that you have.

    If you follow the tips above then you will be well on your way towards mastering the basics of lawn care.

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